4 Must Have Subscription Boxes For Gardeners

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With the rise of urban apartment jungles and gardening enthusiasts, plant subscription boxes have gained immense popularity. Whether you're a budding gardener or a seasoned green thumb, these curated boxes promise to elevate your botanical journey. Delve into the verdant world of four leading subscriptions, and let's unearth what makes each one unique.

1. Plant In The Box: Nurturing New Beginnings

For those taking their first steps into the world of indoor plants, Plant In The Box’s Bloomer Box is the ideal companion. Every box is a blend of education and excitement, introducing beginners to the vast plant kingdom.

Subscribers can expect easy-to-grow varieties, ensuring that the initial gardening experience is both fulfilling and hassle-free. Beyond the plants, there’s the assurance of quality, with a guarantee of healthy plant delivery.

Inside the Bloomer Box:

Every box houses a nursery pot containing a plant ready to adapt to its new home. From the purifying Spider Plants to the low-maintenance Prayer Plant, each month offers a chance to learn, nurture, and grow. Even better, virtual care cards ensure your new plant baby is set up for success while staying eco-friendly. 

2. Mossify: Premium Houseplant Accessories Delivered as Surprises

Mossify stands out in the world of gardening subscription services due to its luxurious and curated selections of houseplant accessories. Each Surprise Box is thoughtfully designed, promising gardeners a mix of both functional and ornamental items that are bound to elevate the aesthetics and health of their indoor plants.

The beauty of Mossify lies in its commitment to delivering more than what one pays for. This ensures subscribers not only receive products that exude quality but also provide value for money. Gardeners, whether novice or expert, can discover and indulge in a range of premium products that might have remained unknown to them.

Mossify Box Varieties:

  • $34 Box: Dive into the world of premium gardening with $50+ of meticulously chosen accessories, ideal for both starters and enthusiasts.
  • $68 Box: Revel in a richer experience with $100+ of elite products, tailored for those who seek only the best for their plants.
  • $136 Box: Experience the pinnacle of gardening luxury with a lavish array of accessories worth $200+, handpicked for the truly devoted plant lovers.

3. Harry & David Bulb Subscription: A Symphony of Seasons

Gardens aren't merely outdoor spaces; they're living canvases that change with every season. The Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club ensures that this canvas is always vibrant. Subscribers are introduced to a curated selection of bulbs, primed to blossom in the current season.

More than just a bulb subscription, it’s a journey through the myriad hues and forms of flowers. From tulips that herald spring to chrysanthemums that celebrate fall, it’s a visual and sensory treat.

Commitment to Quality:

Harry & David's commitment is evident in the health and vigor of each bulb. Cultivated with care, they promise robust growth and spectacular blooms, making every month a garden celebration.

4. Leaf’d Veggie Subscription: Sustainable Farming in Your Backyard

Embrace the farm-to-table movement with Leaf’d Seasonal Veggie Plant Subscription Box. It simplifies gardening, ensuring a bountiful harvest irrespective of your gardening expertise. The concept is simple: 30 plants tailored for the current season, promising a successful yield every quarter.

Each variety is chosen for its taste, growth rate, and compatibility with the season. Thus, subscribers are assured of fresh, organic, and flavorful produce right from their gardens.

Subscribing with a Cause:

Beyond the plants, Leaf’d touches a humanitarian chord. Each subscription contributes to their One to One program, ensuring someone in need gets clean water for a year.

What Next?

The world of plant subscription boxes and more is vast and varied. From Mossify's focus on premium houseplant accessories to the beginner-friendly Plant In The Box houseplant subscription, Harry & David's seasonal flowering extravaganza, and Leaf’d’s educational approach, there’s a box tailored for every gardening aspiration.

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