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Bloomer Box - Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box

Bloomer Box - Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box

  • Mystery Plant Of The Month
  • Virtual Care Card & Tips
  • Arrive Safe Guarantee

Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box FAQs

  1. How many plants come in each subscription box? Each monthly subscription includes one small to medium-sized houseplant.
  2. If I order multiple boxes will I receive the same plant? More than likely, yes. All members will receive the same plant each month.
  3. Will I receive a different plant every month? Yes, subscribers are guaranteed a unique plant for the first 12 consecutive months, ensuring variety in their collection.
  4. What if my plant is damaged during shipping? We pride ourselves on our "Arrive Safe Guarantee." If your plant is damaged during shipment, simply email us at within 2 days with images, and we'll send a replacement.
  5. Are care instructions provided with each houseplant? Yes, in an effort to be eco-friendly, we provide virtual care guides for each plant. A link to these guides will be found in your order delivery confirmation email.
  6. Can I gift a Plant In The Box subscription? Absolutely! Our subscriptions make great gifts. Just click "Add A Gift Message" on the subscription box product page. You'll then be prompted to select how you'd like you message to be delivered (text or email) and when you want the message to be sent (immediately, scheduled date, or on-delivery)

Bloomer Box: A Curated Monthly Houseplant Subscription for Beginners

Unleash your inner plant aficionado with our Bloomer Box houseplant subscription, specially designed for beginners. We deliver handpicked, indoor plants perfect for those starting their green journey, featuring young, easy-to-grow varieties such as spider plants, mothers tongue, philodendron, and prayer plants. Watch your plants transform over time as they grow and elevate your indoor space into a verdant sanctuary.

Each houseplant subscription box will include one (1) small plant in a nursery pot, and we guarantee healthy plant delivery or we will replace the plant. 

At Plant In The Box, our focus is on providing an exceptional customer experience, curating unique and beautiful indoor plants that bring life and color to your home. We ensure our plants are easy to care for and visually stunning, making them perfect for novice plant parents.

To support your plant nurturing endeavors, we email a comprehensive care card each month, providing essential guidance on fostering your latest botanical companion. By offering expert advice and tips, we empower you to create the optimal environment for your green friends to grow vibrant and robust.

Subscribe to our Bloomer Box today and experience the joy of indoor gardening as you transform your space into a lush, green haven. We are committed to delivering the highest quality plants and care guidance to ensure your plant collection thrives. Join the Plant In The Box family and start your journey towards a thriving indoor garden.

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10 Reasons To Gift A Plant Subscription

Forget cut flowers that are expensive and die after a week. A monthly houseplant subscription box is the perfect gift that grows over time. Learn more about the benefits & advantages at the link below!

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