Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box & Bundle FAQs

Unveil the joy of hand-picked premium houseplants with Plant in the Box - your go-to for exclusive mystery houseplant subscription boxes. Whether you’re a budding plant parent or a seasoned green thumb, our collection is tailored to bring life to your indoor spaces with pet-friendly, rare, and effortless to care for plants. Dive into our FAQs to unveil the green wonders we offer.

🌱 Your Questions Answered: Plant Subscription Deep Dive

What Makes the Plant in the Box Subscription Unique?

Experience the enchantment of new foliage every month with our mystery houseplant subscription box. Lovingly assembled by our plant experts, each delivery is a surprise, featuring an array of easy-care, pet-friendly, or rare species. Plus, enjoy complimentary shipping with every subscription box!

Can I Upgrade to Quarterly Subscription Bundles?

Embrace the seasons with our quarterly bundles, offering 3-4 carefully selected small to medium houseplants. Perfect for those wishing to expand their green collection more significantly.

How Do We Curate Your Plant Box or Bundle?

Our nursery gurus hand-select each plant, considering factors like seasonality, ease of care, and uniqueness to ensure an exciting mix for your home.

Will My Plant Family See Repeat Arrivals?

For the first year of your journey with us, we promise never to send the same plant twice, ensuring a fresh surprise with every box and bundle.

Thinking of Gifting a Subscription?

Gift a green thumb journey with Plant in the Box! Personalize your present with a special message and choose the delivery method. It's the gift that grows!

Where Do You Deliver?

Our greenery graces homes across the continental US. Discover our shipping practices.

Concerned About Pet Safety?

Our fur-friendly options ensure your furry friends are safe, featuring non-toxic plants for your peace of mind.

What Pots Will My Plants Arrive In?

Expect your botanical buddies in durable nursery pots, ready to thrive in their new home. Your new plant baby can stay in its nursery pot for a bit, but we don't recommend leaving them in long term as they can become root bound.

What If My Plant Arrives Dead or Heavily Damaged on Arrival?

Our "Arrive Safe Guarantee" has you covered, promising a replacement for any travel-troubled plants. Simply reach out within 2 days of delivery with photos.

Need to Cancel Your Subscription?

Change of heart? Cancel easily through your customer portal or by contacting our support team. We’re here to help, no strings attached.

New to the Plant Parent Club?

Our beginner-friendly - Bloomer Box - subscription is perfect for easing into plant parenthood, complete with digital care instructions to start you off on the right leaf.

On the Hunt for Rare Plants?

Dive into our Majestic Marvels for a collection of rare and exotic plants, adding an extraordinary touch to your plant family.

Interested in Trying Without a Subscription Commitment?

Sure thing! For those not ready to commit to a monthly subscription or quarterly bundle, we offer the convenience of "one-time" purchases. This option is perfect for getting a taste of what we offer or finding that budget-friendly gift box. Explore our selection of one-time purchase options and discover the joy of premium houseplants without the commitment.

Wondering About Plant Care?

Keeping green living in mind, we provide digital care guides with every purchase, helping you nurture your plants while caring for our planet.

🎁 Gifting Made Easy with Plant in the Box

Can I Add a Virtual Gift Message to My Gifted Houseplant Subscription Box?

Yes, enhance your gift with a personal touch! Our complimentary virtual gift messaging through text and/or email lets you convey your sentiments perfectly. Schedule your message for special occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays to make your gift timely and touching. See our video guided tutorial here.

How Can I Delay the Shipment for a Holiday or Special Event?

Timing your gift perfectly is essential. To align your gift’s arrival with a special holiday or event, simply contact us at or via chat. We’re here to ensure your thoughtful gift arrives just at the right moment.

Experiencing Difficulties Placing a Gift Order?

If you encounter any hurdles during order placement, double-check your billing information for accuracy. For further assistance, our customer support team is just an email or chat away, ready to make your gifting experience seamless.

Do Pre-Paid Subscriptions Auto-Renew?

Our 6- and 12-month pre-paid subscriptions are worry-free, designed to end after your chosen duration without auto-renewal. It’s a perfect way to gift with confidence, knowing exactly what you’re spending and sending. 😊

Want to Keep Your Gift a Surprise?

For those who love a bit of mystery (think secret 🎅), our packaging slips include only the essential item and shipping details, omitting the sender's information for those surprise or anonymous gifts.

Have more questions? Whether you're nurturing your green thumb or sending love through leafy greens, our team is ready to assist. Reach out via email or chat for personalized support. Let’s grow together! 🪴📦