How To Add A Virtual Gift Message When Sending A Plant

Gifting a plant is more than just sending a beautiful living thing; it's about sharing a piece of nature that grows and flourishes, much like your relationship with the recipient. To make this gesture even more special, adding a virtual gift message can personalize your present, making it memorable. This guide walks you through the simple process of adding a free virtual gift message, ensuring your plant gift conveys the right sentiment at the right time.

Steps to Add a Gift Message

  1. Select Your Plant: Choose from our wide range of mystery houseplant subscription boxes and individual plants perfect for any occasion.
  2. Enable the Gift Message Option: On the product page, click "Add Gift Message"
  3. Complete the Gift Message Form: Provide the recipient's name, your name, and craft a heartfelt or cheerful message to accompany your plant gift. Select whether you'd like your messaged delivered by text (SMS) and/or email by providing the recipient's phone number or email address.
  4. Schedule Your Message: Decide when you want the message delivered - immediately, on a specific date, or align it with the plant's delivery.
  5. Click "Save message"

Need To Edit Your Message?: Simply click on "Edit Gift Message" from any product page.

Why Add a Virtual Gift Message?

  • Personalization: A virtual message adds a personal touch, making the gift more meaningful.
  • Convenience: Easily send your thoughts and wishes without the need for physical cards.
  • Flexibility: Choose when the recipient receives the message - immediately, on a specific date, or upon delivery.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Our user-friendly video tutorial below guides you through the process of adding a virtual gift message to your plant order. Whether youโ€™re tech-savvy or not, this brief screen recording makes adding your message a breeze.

Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Message

  • Be Genuine: Express your true feelings and thoughts.
  • Make it Personal: Tailor the message to the recipient, reflecting your relationship.
  • Keep it Simple: Sometimes, a few heartfelt words can mean more than a lengthy letter.


Adding a virtual gift message to your plant gift is an effortless yet impactful way to show your care and thoughtfulness. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, expressing gratitude, or just sending a eco-friendly surprise, our guide ensures your message is delivered perfectly alongside your plant gift.


Can I preview my message before sending? Yes, you can preview and edit your message before finalizing your order.

Is there a word limit for the gift message? Because your message is being sent by text and/or email, we cap the number of character to 210.

Can I send multiple plants under the same gift message? Absolutely! Our virtual gift messaging is on a per order basis so all plants in your order will be encompassed.