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Indoor Houseplant Subscription Boxes

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Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box

Experience the joy of indoor gardening with Plant In The Box, a tailored houseplant subscription service designed to help you create a thriving, green sanctuary in your home. Our carefully curated subscription boxes cater to all levels of plant enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, delivering handpicked, indoor plants that are both beautiful and easy to care for. Subscribe today and receive expert care guides to support your plant parenting journey, as you watch your vibrant collection flourish and transform your living space into an urban oasis.

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Plant In The Box

Welcome to Plant In The Box, where our shared passion for plants has blossomed into an engaging and convenient online platform for all green thumbs. What was conceptualized in a small studio apartment in 2020, is now a thriving service offering an exciting array of houseplants right to your doorstep.

With Plant In The Box, the thrill of discovery meets the joy of indoor gardening through our flagship mystery plant subscription boxes and mystery plant gift box. Each delivery unveils a unique indoor plant, from popular easy-care greens to rare, hard-to-find gems. Our care goes beyond just delivering plants; we provide virtual care instructions to guide you in nurturing your new green baby.

Our service isn't just for the individual plant enthusiast. Plant In The Box also presents a unique and thoughtful gift idea, perfect for occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and birthdays. It's the gift that grows, continually brightening a loved one's home with natural beauty. Join our community at Plant In The Box, and let's grow together in the rewarding realm of indoor gardening.