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Fur Friendly Bundle - Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box

Fur Friendly Bundle - Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box

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Dog & Cat Safe
  • Four (4) Mystery Plants
  • Virtual Care Card & Tips
  • Arrive Safe Guarantee

Fur Friendly Bundle: The Quarterly Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box for Pet Lovers

Transform your home into a pet-safe haven of lush greenery with our Fur Friendly Bundle. This is a specialized version of our popular subscription boxes, designed exclusively for pet parents. Each Fur Friendly Bundle is a quarterly subscription that brings you four (4) small to medium-sized dog and cat-safe, easy-care, low-maintenance plants, right to your doorstep. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a home filled with plants like Calathea, Spider Plants, Bamboo Palms, and more—all safe for your furry friends and housed in nursery pots.

What’s Included?

Every quarter, you'll receive an assortment of four (4) small to medium-sized, easy-care, low-maintenance, pet-safe houseplants. These plants come in standard nursery pots, making them ready for immediate display or repotting.

A Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Plant In The Box, we prioritize both plant and pet well-being. Your Fur Friendly Bundle will include a carefully curated selection of dog and cat-safe plants, and we guarantee their healthy arrival or will replace them promptly.

Expert Virtual Care Instructions

Receive a link to detailed virtual care instructions and information on your new pet-safe plant babies in your order delivery email. This comprehensive guide is your resource for nurturing your new plants in a way that keeps them—and your pets—safe and happy.

Why Choose Fur Friendly Bundle?

If you’re a pet parent who loves plants, the Fur Friendly Bundle is the perfect choice. Experience the joy of a verdant home without the worry of harming your pets. Subscribe today and transform your space into a pet-safe paradise.

Start Your Subscription Now!

Subscribing to Fur Friendly Bundle is your step towards a greener, happier, and safer home for you and your pets. Join the Plant In The Box family and experience the joy of an easy-care, low-maintenance, and pet-friendly indoor garden.

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