Guide To Benefits And Safety Of Ordering Houseplants Online

Several Houseplants Ready To Be Shipped To Customers

The Advantages of Ordering Houseplants Online

Variety and Selection

One of the most significant benefits of buying houseplants online is the extensive variety available. Online nurseries often have a broader selection of plants compared to brick-and-mortar garden centers. It's a perfect place to source unique plants that can add character to your indoor space.


Online plant shopping allows you to browse at your leisure without having to spend time traveling or wandering through aisles. It's particularly beneficial for busy individuals who lack the time for physical shopping. And, for individuals who reside in large urban cities such as NYC, Los Angeles, or Miami a plant nursery may easily accessible - instead houseplants delivered directly to your doorstep are idea! 

Detailed Information

Online plant sellers often provide comprehensive descriptions and care instructions for each plant. You'll know the plant's light requirements, watering frequency, ideal temperature, and potential growth size before making a purchase.

The Rise of Mystery Houseplant Subscriptions

There has been a surge in the demand for mystery houseplant subscriptions, adding another layer of excitement to the experience of online plant shopping. These subscriptions offer a variety of plants to be delivered to your doorstep every month, with the twist being you don't know what you're getting until it arrives. This approach has several benefits:

  • Continuous Variety: Mystery subscriptions ensure that your indoor plant collection is always diverse and refreshing. Every month you will receive a different plant, allowing you to explore and learn about new species.
  • Learning Experience: This service can serve as a learning tool, helping you get to grips with various plant care routines. Each plant comes with virtual care instructions, allowing you to broaden your knowledge and skills in plant care.
  • Gift-Giving: Mystery houseplant subscriptions make excellent gifts for plant lovers. It's a present that brings joy month after month.
  • Convenience: With a subscription, you don’t need to spend time choosing and ordering. Just wait for the surprise plant to arrive at your doorstep.

In essence, mystery houseplant subscriptions have grown in popularity because they add an element of surprise to the joy of indoor gardening while also expanding plant knowledge and diversity. It's like having a birthday every month!

Is It Safe to Ship Plants in a Box?

Proper Packaging

Online nurseries ensure that plants are packed securely to withstand the shipping process. They are often secured with plant stakes, wrapped in protective paper, and placed in a box with sufficient padding to prevent movement.

Speedy Shipping

To minimize the time plants spend in transit, most online plant retailers ship plants quickly, often using overnight or express services. This ensures the plants reach the customer as fresh as possible.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Many reputable online plant stores, such as, offer a live arrival guarantee. If your plant arrives in poor health or damaged, these companies often provide refunds or replacements, making it a risk-free purchase for you.

Seasonal Shipping

Some online plant stores will restrict shipping to certain times of the year or to specific regions to ensure the plants aren't exposed to extreme temperatures during transit.

While it might seem unconventional, ordering houseplants online and having them shipped in a box is both beneficial and safe. The vast variety, competitive pricing, and convenience make it a compelling alternative to traditional in-store purchases. Meanwhile, the safety of plants during shipping is generally assured by experienced online retailers with proper packaging, timely delivery, and robust guarantees. So, why not bring a touch of greenery into your home with the click of a button?

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