What Steps Should I Take If My Houseplant Has Root Rot?

What Steps Should I Take If My Houseplant Has Root Rot?

Root rot can be a nightmarish situation for any plant parent, but don't panic! Here at Plant In The Box, we've got you covered. Let's dig into the causes, symptoms, and effective solutions for root rot in houseplants.

Identify the Symptoms of Root Rot

Root rot is often sneaky, but you can detect it by:

  • Wilting leaves
  • Yellowing or browning of leaves
  • Mushy or black roots

Understanding the Causes of Root Rot

Root rot is typically caused by overwatering or poor drainage, leading to the development of fungi. Recognizing the root cause can help prevent future occurrences.

Step-by-Step Treatment for Root Rot

Follow these steps to save your beloved houseplant:

  1. Remove the Plant: Carefully take the plant out of its pot and gently wash the roots.
  2. Trim Damaged Roots: Using sterilized scissors, cut away the affected roots.
  3. Repot: Place the plant in fresh soil and a pot with proper drainage.
  4. Water Wisely: Ensure the right watering routine to prevent recurrence.

Preventing Future Root Rot

Choose well-draining soil, proper pots, and follow your unique indoor plant's watering guidelines to keep root rot at bay.

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