Where Can You Buy Rare & Hard To Find Houseplants?

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If you're on the hunt for rare plants, where do you turn? Let's dig into the soil of the three primary options: online nurseries like Plant In The Box, big-box retailers, and boutique local nurseries. This whimsical but fact-based guide will unearth the hidden truths of each.

Online Houseplant Nurseries


  • Convenience: Shop from the comfort of home.
  • Selection: Extensive variety of unique plants.
  • Subscription Options: Regular delights with monthly mystery subscriptions boxes not found in stores.
  • Expert Care Guides: Expert care and growing tips tailored to each plant.


  • Cost: Can be higher than buying in-store due to the cost of shipping that's charged or built into the price of the houseplant.
  • Delivery Risks: The possibility of damage during shipping. Thankfully, some online retailers, like Plant In The Box, offer a replacement option should your new plant babies arrive damaged.

Big Box Retailers


  • Accessibility: Stores widely available across the regions even in rural areas of the United States.
  • Pricing: Often more affordable when you can find a restock of rare indoor houseplants.


  • Quality: Sometimes lacks care and expert knowledge.
  • Selection: Limited range of rare and unique plants.
  • Health: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the volume sales approach, bacterial infections, fungal growth, and pests tend to be more common.

Boutique Local Nurseries


  • Quality: Typically high-quality plants sourced locally to your location.
  • Expert Knowledge: Staff often more knowledgeable about rare plants.


  • Price: Can be more expensive.
  • Availability: Limited to local areas, and selections may vary.

From the ease and vast selection of online nurseries to the accessibility of big-box retailers and the quality of boutique local nurseries, each option has its distinct benefits and drawbacks. Choose what's right for you!

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