Exclusive Benefits For Mystery Houseplant Subscribers

If you're an avid lover of surprises and have subscribed to our mystery houseplant box, we have an extra treat for you. Enjoy a generous 15% off on all one-time purchase products! That's right, any product that's not a subscription falls under this amazing discount even plants from our rare & hard to find Collection. Elevate your indoor garden with beautiful plant accessories and curated selections, all while saving more.

How It Works: Unlocking Your Subscriber Benefits

  1. Begin Your Green Journey: Start by purchasing any of our subscription options. This initial step opens the gateway to a plethora of plant-centric benefits.
  2. Shop with Your Subscriber Account: Ensure you're logged in or checkout with the same email address linked to your subscription - enter Discount Code: SUBSCRIBE at checkout. This activates your exclusive 15% subscriber discount.
  3. Discounts on Every One-Time Purchase: As an active subscriber, every time you shop for individual plants and accessories, your 15% discount is valid. No hassle, no exclusions (just can’t combine this discount with any other offers).

It's that simple! Dive into the world of Plant In The Box and cultivate an indoor jungle while enjoying exclusive savings. Let your love for greenery thrive with every purchase.