Houseplant Delivery In Alabama

Delivering To Popular Alabama Cities:

  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery 
  • Mobile 
  • Huntsville 
  • Tuscaloosa 

Types Of Houseplants We Deliver To Alabama Homes

Whether you're in search of an individual premium houseplant to uplift your space or eyeing our diverse subscription boxes, we cater to all Alabamian needs. From easy-care to pet-friendly options, discover our range crafted for the Heart of Dixie.

Committed to Alabama's Distinct Climate

In Alabama, where warm summers meet mild winters, Plant In The Box is ever-ready. We use slow-release warmers during chilly months, ensure rapid deliveries to minimize transit time, and consider holding shipments during any extreme weather spikes, ensuring your plants arrive in peak condition.

Secure Packaging for Alabama's Plant Babies 

Our commitment isn't just to plants, but to their journey. Crafted to combat any transit challenges, our packaging ensures that every plant, whether headed to the coast or inland, arrives in Alabama safe, sound, and ready to thrive.