Houseplant Delivery In Arkansas

The Natural State, with its rolling hills, thick forests, and meandering rivers, is a nature lover's paradise. Now, with Plant In The Box, Arkansas residents can enhance their indoor spaces with lush greenery, from the busy streets of Little Rock to the tranquil beauty of Hot Springs.

Popular Cities We Deliver To:

  • Little Rock
  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Springdale
  • Jonesboro

What Houseplants Do You Deliver To Arkansas?

Desiring a houseplant that thrives in Arkansas's diverse climate? Check out our Bloomer Box Mystery Houseplant Subscription. An enchanting monthly delight for Arkansans, right at your doorstep. Prefer a one-time lush addition? Dive into our rich array of individual houseplants, each chosen to flourish in Arkansas settings.

Weather Considerations For Arkansas Deliveries

Arkansas boasts a mix of humid subtropical and continental climates, presenting varied weather challenges. From humid summers to chilly winters, our commitment remains firm. During periods of extreme cold or heat, we might expedite shipments, include plant warmers, or occasionally hold back deliveries. Our goal? To ensure every plant reaches its Arkansas destination in peak condition.

How We Protect Your Plants During Shipping

Every plant's journey with Plant In The Box is treated as a special expedition. We pack them in meticulously designed boxes, created from a deep appreciation and knowledge of houseplants. These sturdy containers, equipped with protective layers, guarantee that each plant arrives in Arkansas as radiant and energetic as it started its journey. With us, your green companions are always safe!