Houseplant Delivery In Colorado

Plant In The Box proudly serves Colorado, from its bustling urban centers to serene mountain communities, delivering houseplants primed to thrive in the state's unique environment.

Serving Major Colorado Locales:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Boulder
  • Fort Collins
  • Aurora

Distinctive Houseplant Collections

Discover low-maintenance, pet friendly, and rare favorites on a monthly occurrence with our flagship mystery houseplant subscription boxes. Or, looking send the perfect gift to one of your loved ones in Colorado, shop our single-purchase premium indoor plants.

Delivery Adapted To Colorado's Climate

From the Rocky Mountain cold to the plains' arid warmth, Colorado's diverse weather is a challenge we embrace. Using adjusted packaging and shipment methods, we ensure plants arrive in optimal condition, ready to face Colorado's unique climatic conditions. Some of these methods include slow release heat packs to keep a stable temperature through shipment, monitoring extreme weather conditions to delay or expedite shipping, and more!

Innovative Protection For Your Plants

Our uniquely designed packaging battles Colorado’s climatic extremes and bangs/drops during shipment. Whether it's a winter in Aspen or a summer in Pueblo, our packaging ensures every plant arrives in pristine health, poised to grow and enrich your Colorado home.