Houseplant Delivery In Georgia

From the magnolia-filled landscapes of Savannah to the bustling Atlanta streets, Plant In The Box intertwines Georgia's rich history with the timeless charm of houseplants, uniting the old and the new, the urban and the rural.

Cities In Georgia We Deliver To Often:

  • Atlanta
  • Savannah
  • Columbus
  • Augusta
  • Macon
  • Warner Robins
  • Athens

Types Of Houseplants We Deliver To Georgia

For every Georgian home, from sprawling estates in Buckhead to urban apartments in midtown, discover the perfect fit with our mystery houseplant subscription boxes. Pet owners aren’t left out: our collection of dog and cat safe premium houseplants ensures a green and safe home.

Our Promise: Plants in Prime Condition

In Georgia’s warm summers, our expedited shipping ensures plants spend minimal time in transit. During heatwaves or cold snaps, we might hold deliveries to safeguard the plants. And when Georgia’s winters lean frosty, our shipments are often equipped with heat packs, guaranteeing your greenery stays cozy throughout its journey.

Why Our Packaging Stands Out

Every plant destined for a Georgian home is ensconced in our specially designed boxes. Crafted with foresight, these containers protect against jostles, temperature variations, and more, assuring that each plant — from its roots to its tallest leaf — reaches you in impeccable condition.