Houseplant Delivery In Illinois

From the hustle and bustle of Chicago's streets to the serene landscapes of rural Illinois, Plant In The Box ensures a touch of nature graces every corner of the Prairie State.

Popular Illinois Cities We Infuse With Nature:

  • Chicago
  • Springfield
  • Rockford
  • Peoria
  • Naperville

Experience Illinois With Our Plant Selections

Illinoisans, embrace the heartland spirit with our houseplant subscription boxes. For households with furry family members, explore our dog and cat safe premium houseplants.

Matching Houseplants To Illinois’ Climate

Illinois presents a melange of weather patterns, from hot summers to snowy winters. We've refined our delivery techniques to respect these changes, ensuring that every plant reaches you in peak condition, irrespective of the season. At times, we may hold shipments during extreme cold or heat to ensure the safety of your plant babies.

Deliveries Tailored For The Land Of Lincoln

Our specialized packaging, designed with the plant's journey in mind, promises that every leaf, every petal, arrives at your Illinois doorstep as pristine as when it left our greenhouse.