Houseplant Delivery In Maine

Welcome to Plant In The Box in Maine—where the beauty of the great outdoors meets the coziness of your home through our curated selection of houseplants.

Popular Cities We Deliver To:

  • Portland
  • Bangor
  • Lewiston
  • South Portland
  • Augusta

What Houseplants Do You Deliver To Maine?

From the serene coasts to the bustling cities, we have houseplant options for every Mainer. Don't miss out on our Bloomer Box Mystery Houseplant Subscription. If subscriptions aren't your style, browse our wide range of individual premium houseplants that perfectly complement Maine homes.

Weather Considerations For Maine Deliveries

We are attuned to Maine's diverse weather conditions. When temperatures drop or rise excessively, we employ heat packs and may even expedite your delivery to ensure your plants arrive happy and healthy. Occasionally, we may hold shipment a few business days to protect your plant and prevent exposure to extreme weather conditions. 

How We Protect Your Plants During Shipping

Shipping your plants is a responsibility we take seriously. Our specialized packaging and shipping boxes are engineered to protect your plant during its journey, ensuring it reaches your Maine residence in optimal condition.