Houseplant Delivery In Michigan

From the industrial heart of Detroit to the tranquil shores of the Great Lakes, Plant In The Box is dedicated to intertwining Michigan's diverse landscapes with the elegance of our curated houseplants.

Popular Cities In Michigan Embracing Our Green Touch:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Ann Arbor
  • Lansing
  • Flint

Michigan's Natural Complement: Our Houseplants

Every Michigan home, from lakeside retreats to city apartments, can find their botanical match with our houseplant subscription boxes. For households with furry companions, we present dog and cat safe premium houseplants.

Michigan’s Seasons: We've Got Them Covered

Michigan's winters can be harsh, but our commitment stands strong. Expedited shipping ensures a quick journey, while special packaging, inclusive of heat packs during frigid times, ensures your plants remain vibrant. During extreme weather fluctuations, we may hold shipments, always prioritizing the well-being of your plants.

Unrivaled Care In Every Box

Our shipping boxes are not just containers; they're guardians. Designed meticulously, they shield every plant from the caprices of travel, assuring each plant — whether destined for the Upper or Lower Peninsula — arrives in impeccable health.