Houseplant Delivery In Missouri

Serving Missouri's Plant Lovers:

  • Kansas City - A city with a growing interest in indoor greenery.
  • St. Louis - Urban spaces seeking a breath of fresh air.
  • Springfield - Homes that cherish nature's touch.
  • Columbia - College quarters blooming with green.
  • Jefferson City - Capital residents cultivating serenity.

Plant In The Box's Signature Offerings

Whether it's an individual premium houseplant, perfect as a heartwarming gift, or one of our signature subscription boxes catering to different needs - be it low maintenance, rare species, or pet-friendly options, we've got Missouri covered.

Adapting to Missouri's Climate

Missouri's climate poses diverse challenges. But whether it's the humid summers or chilling winters, Plant In The Box is prepared. We offer slow-release warmers to maintain temperature, expedite deliveries for minimal transit time, and even hold off deliveries during extreme weather, ensuring your plant baby's optimal health.

Engineered Protection for Every Plant

Our packaging is more than just a box. It's a shield, meticulously designed to protect against drops, bangs, and any transit challenge. Our box engineering ensures each plant reaches its Missouri destination in impeccable condition, ready to flourish in its new home.