Houseplant Delivery In New Hampshire

Embrace the natural beauty of New Hampshire, from the White Mountains to the Atlantic coast, with a touch of greenery from Plant In The Box. Our selection of houseplants is perfect for adding a serene and refreshing vibe to any New Hampshire dwelling, whether you're in a historic Concord home or a modern Manchester apartment.

Popular Cities We Deliver To:

  • Manchester
  • Nashua
  • Concord
  • Portsmouth
  • Dover
  • Rochester

What Houseplants Do We Deliver To New Hampshire?

Discover our diverse range of houseplants, including the Bloomer Box Mystery Houseplant Subscription for New Hampshire residents who love plant surprises. For specific plant needs, our single purchase houseplants are an excellent choice. 

Weather Considerations For New Hampshire Deliveries

Considering New Hampshire's varied climate, from snowy winters to warm summers, we tailor our plant packing and delivery strategies. We aim to ensure that your plants are well-packed to minimize stress through their journey, arriving at your doorstep in perfect health and condition.

How We Safeguard Your Plants During Shipping To New Hampshire

At Plant In The Box, we are committed to the safe and secure delivery of your houseplants. Utilizing specially designed packaging, we ensure that each plant's journey to New Hampshire maintains its health and vitality, ready to brighten your home upon arrival.