Houseplant Delivery In North Carolina

Plant In The Box harmoniously blends with North Carolina's varied landscapes, providing curated houseplants that echo the natural beauty of the Tar Heel State's mountains, valleys, and coastlines.

North Carolina Cities Flourishing With Our Indoor Plants:

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Asheville
  • Wilmington
  • Durham

What Houseplants Do We Deliver To North Carolina?

Every nook in North Carolina, from bustling city condos to serene mountain retreats, find its green soulmate with our mystery houseplant subscription boxes. Families with pets aren't left behind, thanks to our collection of dog and cat safe premium houseplants.

Delivery Tailored for North Carolina's Seasonality

From the chilly mountain breezes to the coastal humidity, North Carolina's climate is diverse. Our custom packaging and expedited shipping options are adept at handling all the state's weather challenges. In extreme conditions, shipments may be held or adjusted, ensuring each plant's pristine health upon arrival.

Meticulously Packaged Plants For Healthy Delivery In North Carolina

Every plant bound bound for North Carolina is ensconced in a protective box, purposefully designed to shield and nurture. In addition, packaging within the box ensures a stress free journey for your plant baby protecting against bumps, drops, etc. along the way. Rest easy knowing each plant will arrive at its North Carolinian destination in impeccable condition, ready to thrive.