Houseplant Delivery In Oregon

In the mist-kissed forests and bustling urban spaces of Oregon, Plant In The Box resonates with the state's natural green soul, providing curated houseplants that complement homes and apartments in the Beaver State.

Popular Oregon Cities Embraced By Our Verdant Touch:

  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Eugene
  • Bend
  • Astoria

Oregon's Botanical Partner

Every Oregonian space, from cozy coastal cottages to vibrant urban lofts, will find its green match in our houseplant subscription boxes. Homes with pets are also catered to with our collection of dog and cat safe premium houseplants.

Delivering With Oregon’s Climate in Mind

Oregon's climate ranges from coastal mists to valley drizzles. We're equipped for it all. Our expedited shipping and custom packaging protect plants from dampness and cold. When weather becomes unpredictable, be assured we'll hold or adjust shipments, ensuring the safety and vitality of your plants.

Guardians of Green

Each of our plants headed to Oregon is cocooned in a box, crafted not just to contain, but to care. With protection against jostling and weather fluctuations, every leaf and root is ensured a safe journey to its new Oregon home.