Houseplant Delivery In Pennsylvania

Plant In The Box stands apart in its commitment to deliver quality houseplants across Pennsylvania. From Pittsburgh's bridges to Philadelphia's historic streets, we ensure that every leaf and stem thrives in its new Keystone State home.

Serving Major Cities in Pennsylvania:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading

What Sets Plant In The Box Apart?

Delivering more than just houseplants, we ensure Pennsylvanian homes bloom with our exclusive mystery houseplant subscription boxes. For homes with furry companions, discover our pet-friendly premium plants.

Tailored Delivery For Pennsylvania’s Weather Challenges

With unpredictable weather, from heavy snowfall to scorching summers, we use tailored packaging methods to ensure your plant's safety. Extreme conditions? We'll adjust shipments to combat Pennsylvania's climatic curveballs, ensuring your houseplants arrive in peak condition. During those colder winter months, we often add slow release heat packs or expedite delivery to avoid prolonged exposure of your plant baby to these non-optimal conditions. 

Protective, Innovative Packaging

Our unique packaging not only safeguards against jostles but also battles Pennsylvania's weather extremes. Whether it's the cold of Erie or the heat of Lancaster, our packaging ensures that each plant reaches its destination in prime condition, ready to flourish.