Houseplant Delivery In Washington, D.C.

The pulse of Washington D.C., with its grand monuments and corridors of power, finds its perfect counterpart in the tranquil beauty of our houseplants. At Plant In The Box, we're passionate about infusing the capital's homes with nature's serenity.

Popular D.C. Neighborhoods We Grace with Greenery:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Georgetown
  • Dupont Circle
  • Adams Morgan
  • Navy Yard
  • Foggy Bottom

Curated Houseplants for D.C.'s Distinct Spaces

Explore the harmony of nature and urban sophistication with our collection. Whether you're into monthly surprises with our subscription boxes or seeking specific dog and cat safe premium houseplants, we've got D.C.'s varied preferences covered.

Caring For D.C.'s Diverse Climate Conditions

Washington D.C.'s seasonal shifts inspire our shipping protocols. From humid summers to cold winters, we're always equipped to deliver plants that thrive in the district's unique conditions, ensuring your greenery arrives in pristine health.

Plant Delivery With A D.C. Touch

Every plant headed to D.C. is shielded with utmost care. Utilizing boxes designed for ultimate plant safety, we guarantee a seamless transit from our greenhouses to the capital's distinguished residences.